A heating-plumbing engineer is anyone who installs a new system: water-sani- tation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and anyone who modifies, extends and carries out maintenance on such existing types of systems.

With recent discoveries, in particular in electronics-computers – which are fun- damental in the development of scientific and technological development – a new way of producing know-how, products, communication and organisation was produced, differing in characteristics to the previous.

The availability of abstract know-how, of knowledge defined in operating terms, with languages capable of instructing machines and the merging of knowing what to do and know-how are the basis of modern work (Confindustria 1988). Whatever the work, the plant engineer is called upon to carry out and whatever the system, he or she must install it, modify it or extend it in compliance with safety provisions. During this work, the engineer must be able to safeguard his/ her safety and that of those working nearby.


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